SoccerLogic is a very powerful Performance Analysis software package that will enable the coaching staff to both determine and improve the level of performance. Having worked with the product, the capabilities and extent of the analysis available is very impressive, allowing the coaching team to assess the interactions occurring within the game to an unprecedented level.  Dan Bishop*

Football analysis

Is video analysis the best method for studying performance in football?  Most coaches think so.  Scientists, however, disagree: while coaches are expected to be experts at observing and analysing performance, research has pointed to severe human limitations within these processes. (1) The problem is that, like all other humans, coaches are inclined to see what they already know (Goethe).  Their knowledge and experience is crucial, but can also hinder their power of analysis. Video analysis tools may allow them to see everything that happens on the pitch, but wont assist them in interpreting it correctly.   This method of analysis will lead to making poor decisions that will not help to improve performance. 

Football is too complex to be analysed this way. Coaches rarely admit it, but they need help. They need a system that can provide them with in-depth, accurate and objective performance information to validate confirm or contradict their subjective (video) analysis of the game. Ideally, this system should also provide them with many useful insights that may have escaped their analysis. Only with such an assistant they will make better decisions to improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage.

SoccerLogic - Football intelligence

SoccerLogic is a new and innovative analysis system designed to exploit the vast amount of match data that is now available. Its novelty is to use the power of computer technology to turn match data into intelligence about the performance of a team, technical and tactical.  The results provide a coach with many useful insights on a teams performance that is likely to miss with video analysis.  He will gain a richer his understanding of how a team has played, and enable him to discover its weak and strong points.

SoccerLogic provides the ideal companion to video analysis systems; by using the intelligence a computer can gather combined with their own, coaches will be able to make better decision on how to improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage for their team. 

What is it?

SoccerLogic is based on:

  • A detailed tracking of all ball touches in a match using notation analysis
  • An analysis of this data with modern computer-based statistical and visualisation methods

Whats new?

Making intelligent use of the power of modern computers to provide an in-depth analysis of football: a match as well as many matches together.  The result: many and more useful information to monitor the performance of a team, as well as scout on the opposition.

  • Developed by experts in analytics e data visualisation - modern data analysis techniques
  • Employs sophisticated graphical and statistical method to fully exploit match data
  • Can analyse many matches together to automatically discover significant changes in performance


Objective, in-depth knowledge of how a team plays. Knowledge that will help improve performance. Only SoccerLogic can provide a club with the following benefits:

  • Performance can be evaluated in-depth, objectively and accurately
  • Performance can be accurately monitored for significant changes during the season
  • Factors that contribute to successful performance are identified (Success Analysis)
  • Fewer but more useful stats for the coach to study only significant ones are highlighted
  • Can analyse performance during the match, in real-time
  • Fast analysis - coaches have more time to digest, and exploit information
  • Best and cheapest way to study how the opposition plays - save a bundle on scouts

How does it work?

The  analysis consists of three main steps:

  • Data collection - all ball touches (time, player, position, action, etc.) in a match are coded manually from video (or live) using a PC and custom software. (Opta data can be used instead)
  • Analysis of this data using advanced statistical and graphical methods to produce:
    • Performance statistics, charts and graphs
    • Graphic analysis of performance: position, passes, runs, shots, crosses, free-kicks, etc.
    • Link-play analysis:  graphic analysis of all passing sequence
    • Identification of link-plays patterns
    • Success analysis: which passing sequences are more successful?
  • Presentation - results can be viewed and further analysed on a PC by a coach and his assistants


For a detailed Powerpoint presentation of how SoccerLogic can improve the performance of your team and help it gain a competitive advantage please e-mail us.